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About us

The website www.qahana.am is 13-year-old. It started its activity in May 27, 2003.


In 2003, when internet activity and sphere was still in the stage of development, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Navasard Ktchoyan, Vicar of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese, diocesan youth projects, one of which was creation of the website www.qahana.am, started.


One of the priorities of the website was spiritual preaching in actively developing Internet.


www.qahana.am is the first website which gave letter-writers the chance to address online questions to the clergy.

www.qahana.am was so desirable that since the first montհs of its activity it had resonance in 32 countries throughout the world. We received letters both from the followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church as well as other churches.


That is why the pages “Questions to the clergy,” “Interviews with both clergymen and laymen on a certain subject,” “Questions and answers,” “Calendar of the Armenian Apostolic Church,” “Holy Bible,” “Vicar,” “About the website,” “History of the Diocese” (http://www.qahana.am/am/history_1425980137), “How to address the clergy” are in three languages - Armenian, English and Russian.


In the future the page “Spiritual library” will be also in Russian and English and only those pages will be separate from the Armenian page as few are the books available in three languages.


Meeting the demands of visitors and letter-writers gradually the following new pages were opened in the website: “Prayers," "Spiritual literature," "Divine Liturgy" (provided by video- and audio materials).


As the days of the Armenian Apostolic Church feasts mainly are not fixed, feast dates are calculated and installed in the website till 2030 year.


For simplifying the reading of the Holy Bible there is the page "Holy Bible in one year” where the Holy Bible is divided into 365 parts - with the parallel reading of the Old and New Testaments.


The page “Holy Bible” gives the chance to read the Holy Bible. There is possibility to download the Holy Bible from the page “Spiritual library.”


One of our visitors upon his initiative opened the page "Holy Bible for mobile devices" which gives the chance to download the Holy Bible and to read in cellular phone or iPad (available in Armenian).


People like to read horoscope of the given day which is inadmissible for the Armenian Apostolic Church. In order to ascribe spiritual nature to their interests the page “Message of the and daily reading” is opened.


The page “For children” is opened in the website where audio tales of the radio-project “Manana” prepared for children by Artaratian Patriarchal Diocese and TV broadcasts of the TV Company “Shoghakat” for children are installed.


In the page for children there is library where there are books for children of various ages. The page for children has the section “Why?” helping children to study the history of Christianity by means of questions and answers.


The page “News” is opened and represents both Diocesan and Interchurch news.


There are also the pages “For beginners,” “Interpretation of the Old and the New Testaments,” “Gallery.” “Audio library,” “Video library,” “TV broadcasts,” “Aphorisms,” “Articles,” “Nicaean Creed,” etc.


In order to distinguish whether the content of any spiritual site corresponds to the doctrine and the teaching of the Armenian Apostolic Church, we have opened the page "Spiritual sites" where we periodically install links of spiritual sites preaching the doctrine of the Armenian Apostolic Church. In the site the pages “Diocesan Primates” and “Vicar” are opened as since the 4th century Catholicos of All Armenians is the Primate of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese and he appoints the Vicar.


The page “Scenarios” is opened where spiritual scenarios for various events organized at schools and kindergartens are installed.
In order to organize spiritual pastime the page "Riddle, crossword" is opened.


Subscribing the website www.qahana.am people become aware of church feasts, events, refreshments of various pages of the website.


All those who wish to continue receiving news concerning the website please subscribe the present site visiting … Previous subscription is invalid.


From the history of the site Qahana.am


When the interactive website Qahana.am started for many people the contact with the clergy by means of the Internet was strange and even difficult to comprehend. However, since the first months of its functioning the site served its goal – providing close contacts between the clergy and the people. Receiving answers to the questions interesting them, many people wish to meet the clergy answering their questions.


Presently many dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Church, even separate churches and clergy have their websites, blogs and realize active preaching in the social sites.

In 2006 the websites www.araratian-tem.am and www.qahana.am of Araratian Patriarchal Diocese won the grand prizes (500.000 AMD) in “All-Armenian e-Content Award Competition” in the nominations of “El-inclusion” and “El-design.”


Dear readers of Qahana.am website,

As a large number of questions are addressed to our website, we answer your letters during ten days. If you need the answer promptly, please write about it in the Subject field and we will answer your letter as soon as possible. Please write in the letters of the language in which you address your question.


If you have noticed mistakes in the websites or you have suggestions concerning the content and pages please do not hesitate to contact us.


In order to make reading more pleasant and effective for you we have gathered a huge amount of materials which will be gradually installed in various pages of the website Qahana.am. Almost all pages of the website are periodically refreshed.


The work of the website is effectively realized by the following editorial staff:


- Eliza Manukyan, author and manager if the website “qahana.am”

- Larisa Navasardyan, translator into English and editor of English texts

- Marina Minasian, translator into Russian and editor of Russian texts

- Arevik Hambvaryan, journalist, responsible for social networking sites

- Sofya Hayrapetyan, artistic editor, designer

- Noyem Andreasyan, head of Information Services

- Hasmik Mirzoyan, responsible for youth page

- Grigor Grigoryan, computer expert

- Tigran Nalbandyan, responsible for technical aspect and security


We are also grateful to all volunteers who have helped and continue helping us in preparing a website with a richer content.


Contact data of the website are the following:

Address: Araratian Patriarchal Diocesan Headquarters
R. Israelyan 21, 0015, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Phone: (37410) 58 47 22, fax: (37410) 54 57 98
E-mail: press@qahana.am

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