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Do the people in freedom sin less than the people in prison?

I have lost my relatives and I am afraid of death although I am 23, and I suffer because of my sins. 

What should the human being do if he/she is lead into temptation and needs peace?

God created the evil from nothing. God knew everything, did no He? Then why did not God exterminate the evil? Why did God allow the evil to lead mankind?

What can be the reason for fear?

I am frightened of the idea that I wish to love God for the wealth and comforts granted to me. I grow sad and disparate when I face temptations and blame God for creating me. 

Does not living with the feeling of awe mean to be coward? 

Are natural calamities deeds of Satan or the Holy Spirit?

Why Almighty God did not spare one of His most beloved nations and did not prevent the Genocide of our nation?

Why to recollect this terrible event after about a century? Why to look into the past, to revive in the memory the scenes of fanatic and barbarian murders, why to read the descriptions of inhuman tortures, to watch the photos terrifying the soul? Is it necessary to rummage the wounds? Isn’t it better to forget this sad event which happened almost a century ago? And what is most important - should Armenians, as a Christian nation, completely forgive the pain of loss and the tortures of those who live? Or should those who believe in Christ forgive evil-doers wiping off their minds and the more so their hearts even the memory of it?

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